impresa con certificazione iso 9002

IRE was established in 1985. We are registered at the Ancona Chamber of Commerce and we work in the civil and industrial construction sector.

We serve both private and corporate customers and make our expertise available to anyone interested in a new construction, renovation or maintenance operation.

We also collaborate with experienced engineers in the field of hydraulic, electrical and sewage systems, so we can also intervene in this respect on request.

Equipment and machinery hire

noleggio piattaforme autocarrate

We rent platforms, machinery, equipment and tools for building, including self-propelled and electric platforms that allow us to reach jobs at elevated heights.

Each machine is supplied in perfect condition, with the possibility of also hiring a specialist operator for its use.

To find out more, contact us today using our dedicated contact form.

Quality Guarantee

Thinking to please for our customers and to demonstrate how long-lived activity like ours has always maintained high standards in time, we requested and obtained 

As part of our commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality in our work, we obtained ISO 9002 certification through the certification body RINA.

This award is dated 19 April 2001 and officially confirms fifteen years of dedicated expertise in construction.

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