ristrutturazione edifici

IRE's staff are available for both new construction projects and for assistance on existing ones.

We deal with residential, civil, industrial and plant construction projects, in particular in hydraulic, electrical and sewage systems.
We have chosen to expand our range of services so that customers can enjoy quality work without having to source and work with multiple agencies. Our staff are highly-qualified and fully trained in a range of areas to provide our trademark quality of service across a comprehensive set of trades.

Restructuring interventions

tinteggiatura interni

When a recent customer commissioned us to renovate a stable, our first task was to define all the elements, both internal and external, that needed to be established.

We are also very experienced in dealing with the maintenance of building interiors, that is, of the rooms or offices and the common spaces, as well as the exterior ones, such as façades, balconies and gutter channels.

We replace what is needed and paint and redecorate, for the perfect aesthetic.


Some of our biggest clients are owners of industrial condominiums and industrial buildings that require our intervention for both simple and extensive repair and/or maintenance.
We are able to carefully and effectively restore masonry, and we also deal with plumbing and waterproofing as well as all painting and decorating.

Thanks to our equipment, platforms and metal scaffolding we can work quickly and easily even at height.

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